Community Outreach

Jane Doe strives to educate the community about practical elements sexual violence and how to respond. Jane Doe attorneys speak with community groups and provides resource materials on our specific services as well as general laws and policies that impact survivors of sexual abuse.

Examples of our community outreach programs include:

  • Get to Know Jane Doe – Learn about the services available at Jane Doe and who in your life can benefit from a conversation about sexual violence
  • True or False: Good Lawyers are Everywhere – An entertaining, interactive presentation on how to find the right lawyer when you need one
  • STOP: Sexual Abuse Crisis Response – A checklist approach to responding when someone tells you they have been sexually abused 


Jane Doe Girl Talk

The average age a child is sexually abused is 9 years old. Switch focus to college campuses and 1 in 5 girls will be sexually abused while attending college.This makes teenage girls one of the most vulnerable populations for experiencing post-traumatic symptoms and being at risk of future abuse. When addressed early, children can heal from past abuse and prevent future abuse through education, awareness, and action.

Jane Doe Girl Talk is an interactive workshop for groups of high school girls about sexual violence issues specific to their age group. A lawyer who specializes in working with survivors of sexual abuse talks girls through real-life scenarios, candidly answers questions about sexual abuse and the law, and opens up a dialogue for girls to feel comfortable learning the facts. Participants leave the workshops with a plan of action for what to do if they or someone they know is sexually abused.

To learn more about Jane Doe Girl Talk, please click the banner below or follow this link.

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Request A Speaker

Outreach programs are specially tailored to answer specific questions and address your areas of interest. To discuss an outreach program and schedule a speaker for your class, group, or organization, please click the button below or use this link to request a speaker and talk with someone at Jane Doe about your needs.