Safe At Home (Address Confidentiality Program)

Safe At Home is the official Address Confidentiality Program of the State of Missouri. This means that under Missouri law, survivors of domestic violence, rape, sexual violence, human trafficking, and/or stalking are entitled to a no-cost confidential address that keeps their physical residential address confidential.

How exactly does that work?
The state gives you a PO Box address located in Jefferson City. When mail arrives in your name to that PO Box, the Safe At Home team will forward it to your physical mailing address. By using the provided PO Box for all official records such as voter registration, obtaining an ID or driver’s license, enrolling in school, applying for state assistance, or anything else that requires an address, participants can keep their residential address completely confidential.


Do you need a Safe At Home address?

To get a Safe At Home address, you must meet with a certified Application Assistant to complete the paperwork. After completing the paperwork, your new substitute address is activated usually within 1-2 weeks.

Jane Doe is happy to provide free Safe At Home Application Clinics every Monday. To sign up for a 30 minute slot to meet with an advocate and complete your application, please click here or click on the image below.



What if I need more than just a confidential address?
When you meet with an advocate at Jane Doe to complete your Safe At Home application, you will also have the opportunity to discuss any other needs you may have. Our advocates are happy to provide you with qualified referrals and/or arrange for you to speak with a lawyer during your visit.


Want to talk to someone first?

If you are unsure of whether the Address Confidentiality Program is right for you, call Safe At Home at 866-509-1409 to speak with someone about your specific situation.

If you you would rather talk directly with a lawyer at Jane Doe, please call 314-329-5339 between the hours of 9am-7pm, Monday-Friday, or click the link below to pre-schedule a safe time to speak with an attorney.

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