Client Services


There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a lawyer to work with. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make at Jane Doe is choosing your lawyer’s role in helping you reach a point of long-term resolution.

At Jane Doe, all clients enter our system through a complimentary phone intake. This is where we collect basic information about your case and make sure it is something we can help you with. Once we establish that, we will invite you to schedule a no-cost consultation in our office. During our meeting, we will talk about your case in more detail and help you develop an action plan to reach your long-term goals. If that action plan involves any kind of legal action, then you have the option of retaining us to help you through the process. Our lawyers are ready to work with you in one of two ways.

Attorney-Client Partnership.  In a traditional attorney-client partnership, your lawyer will handle all administrative aspects of your case and let you focus on making important decisions.

Limited Scope Representation.  If you choose to represent yourself, your lawyer is available for coaching sessions whenever you need help or legal advice.


If you have been impacted by sexual violence and want to speak with a Jane Doe lawyer about issues in family court, please call 314.329.5339. Or, to schedule a safe time for an attorney to call you, please click here to visit our online scheduler.