Request a Speaker

A large part of Jane Doe’s mission involves community-wide education about sexual violence and its impacts on different social and professional groups. Jane Doe lawyers are available to speak at events of all sizes from small group gatherings to large conferences and seminars. If you have a need for legal education, a Jane Doe lawyer is happy to help.

Community Outreach Project.  Jane Doe’s community outreach efforts include informative seminars and workshops for community groups. Programs range from general overviews of Jane Doe’s services to in-depth informative workshops.

Professional Outreach Project.  Jane Doe believes strongly in interdisciplinary collaboration, particularly between social, legal, and medical professionals. Out professional outreach programs focus on training professional groups on the impacts of the legal system on sexual violence survivors and how those effects trickle into other professional services.


Outreach programs are tailored in length and content to fit your needs. To request a speaker for a meeting or event, please click here or press the button below.