Jane Doe Advocacy Center is a legal service center for those impacted by sexual violence. At Jane Doe, we see sexual violence as a public health concern that impacts targeted individuals and the community at large. Through unique services and programs, Jane Doe brings the tools and resources of the legal system into the hands of sexual abuse survivors.

Throughout the course of our work, Jane Doe strives to ensure that individuals are empowered to claim justice, rebuild dignity, and experience a sense of compassion while working through the complexities of the legal system.

Justice. Working with Jane Doe is about claiming a personal sense of justice. From the first interaction, clients are given the opportunity to identify their goals and detail their desired end result. Clients are then presented with their legal options and are in control of all decisions. For some, a no-cost consultation in which they learn their legal options and decide not to pursue any legal action is sufficient. For others, it will involve creating one-of-a-kind documents, holding meetings, or filing lawsuits for sexual assault, child custody, and divorce or separation. The purpose of Jane Doe’s work is to provide people with the legal assistance they need to make personal decisions and achieve their individual sense of justice, whatever that may be.

Dignity. Jane Doe believes that reaching out for help should not require anyone to sacrifice their personal dignity, regardless of their special situation and individual needs. Each person’s story is dealt with in a patient and understanding manner, and is incorporated into the legal process on an as-needed basis. Survivors who did not file an immediate report or have made previous decisions to drop a case regarding sexual abuse are welcome to seek the counsel of our attorneys. By providing focused services, explaining legal processes clearly and thoroughly, and leaving important decisions in the hands of each individual, Jane Doe establishes a trusting, understanding relationship in which you call the shots. Jane Doe also reaches beyond the immediate interaction to ensure that each phone call, document, and court appearance represents a sense of knowledge, confidence, and individuality.

Compassion. Jane Doe does not use cookie-cutter methodology or make anyone feel as though they are a part of a statistic. Because no two people are the same, no two situations can be approached the same way. By using a client-centered approach, Jane Doe approaches each case as unique, important, and worthy. Clients can expect that they will be heard, their problems will be identified, and solutions will be crafted according to their individual goals. Jane Doe understands that the legal system can be stressful, tricky, and emotional. By crafting an action plan specific to each client, we ensure that everyone gets the attention and compassion they deserve.


For information on any of Jane Doe’s services, please call 314.329.5339.
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