Jane Doe Advocacy Center is a legal service center for those impacted by sexual violence.

What does that mean?
It means that when sexual abuse takes you to court for any reason, a lawyer is here to help you navigate the system.

What if the abuse was never reported?
Even if the abuse was never reported to law enforcement, you may still qualify for services at Jane Doe. 

I don’t know if what I experienced was “sexual abuse” or not.
That’s okay. We work with survivors and members of at at-risk population, so even if you are not sure whether what you experienced constitutes sexual abuse in a legal sense, you may still qualify for services at Jane Doe.


The most common issues that our clients face are:


“Do I qualify if I have a job?”
Yes! If you identify as a survivor of sexual abuse of any kind then yes, you qualify for help at Jane Doe. This holds true even if the abuse was not reported. While income-based financial assistance is available, qualification for services is not based on income.


Do you need help?

The first step is either a phone call with a lawyer to make sure we can help you reach your goals.